Do you track staff availability?

Staff Mapper is designed to help you find blind spots in your professional services firm and convert free time into billable hours by tracking staff availability, feedback, and skillsets.


So what does it do exactly?

As a professional services firm, your most important asset is your people's time. Your people are the lifeblood of your business: They bill their time, and your business grows. But let us guess:


Your company is growing very fast.


You want more visibility into who's available.


Current staffing by excel is clunky and unreliable.


Some of your staff are experiencing "burnout".


You're not sure who to tap for a specific task.


Taking on new business is risky due to staffing constraints.


Don't get bogged down.

Staff Mapper can help you quickly identify pockets of capacity and align staff with "just-in-time" project needs. It's designed to help you re-allocate workload, in real-time, by better understanding who has time to help. We help reduce back-and-forth communications and cumbersome meetings around staffing.

See How it Works

Staff Mapper can help you:

  • Identify Daily Availability
  • Forecast Long-Term Availability (see how it works)
  • Manage Employee Skillsets
  • Manage and Track 360o Feedback
  • Provide Dynamic Project Staffing

Give Staff Mapper a try for free and let us know if you want to chat about how we can get your company started. We love talking to our customers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do refunds work?

Email us @ [email protected]. We will process a refund immediately for that month, no questions asked (but we would love your feedback)! If you cancel your subscription or move back into our free tier, we will pro-rate your costs accordingly. To expedite changes in size, we recommend saving your credit card. You can reduce the size of your roster by off-boarding employees in the Edit Roster link.

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

The pricing is reflected above. If you have an extremely large organization, we recommend you break up your organization into more manageable chunks for StaffMapper. Contact us if you would like a custom implementation.

How do you process payments?

We process all payments via Stripe. Stripe is a secure industry-leading solution for collecting payments online. You're in very good hands.

Do you have more questions? Visit our full FAQ.