Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an Organization?

All you have to do is sign up! Once you're in, you'll be prompted to enter some details about your organization. Make sure to add team members to the roster and core skillsets for your organization.

How do I see my team's availability?

There are two main ways to view availability: via the "Daily Snapshot", which is submitted to Staff Mapper via the companion desktop tool by your employees.

The second way to view availability is through the "Weekly Punchcard", where each employee can enter their anticipated utilization for the next four weeks.

How does the desktop companion app work?

It's a simple desktop app (for PC and Mac) that sits on your tray, out of view, and allows your team to easily broadcast availability.

Upon registration, your team will receive instructions on downloading the app and claiming their profile in Staff Mapper. The time submitted through the desktop app is synced to your "Daily Snapshot" page in the web app.

How does claiming someone's time work?

When an employee indicates they have short-term availability for the day, their details will pop up on the "Daily Snapshot", where another employee can "claim" their time.

Staff Mapper will then send an email to both the employee and the "claimer", where they can coordinate on a task. No overblown messaging system...

How do you determine who to staff on a project?

Well...that's our secret sauce! Staff Mapper employs a series of algorithms to determine who can help you best based on the duration of the project, weekly level of effort needed and skillsets desired.

We break it down into 4 determinants of success, broadly measured as
1) Availability;
2) Tenure;
3) Skillsets; and
4) Team Feedback.

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Availability Scoring

We defined availability as the number of hours an employee has to commit to another project. Often, however, an employee isn't very good at determining how busy they'll be - that's just human nature...and we believe that should be part of the equation. SO, we allow employees to enter the number of hours they think they'll be busy; however, we also add the number of hours we expect them to be busy based on the projects they've been assigned to in the system. We expect their actual number of available hours to float somewhere between the two estimates.

We also feel that total aggregate availability and week-to-week availability should be accounted for as well, so we've included that in our algorithm.

Over time the platform will learn user bias in staffing projects, which staff is good at estimating their utilization and Staff Mapper will adjust over time. Neat, huh?

Tenure Scoring

Tenure is simple, that's just how long the employee has been there - we think that helps and should count for something!

Skills scoring

Skill proficiency is self-indicated by each member, against the core skillsets loaded for the organization. This can help you determine what skills your team members would like to gain, based on lower proficiencies and what skills each memeber has to contribute (based on higher proficiencies).

Feedback scoring

Finally, we use 360o feedback on all projects. At the conclusion of a project, each team member on the project will be prompted to provide feedback on all other team members on that project. It's a quick evaluation process, that over time offers signficiant insights into which team members like working best together, which helps US help YOU staff projects.

How do I manage team members?

We offer several easy ways to add members to Staff Mapper. The easiest way is through an excel-like browser tool, where you can add your team. If you prefer, you can upload a template we provide. If you need to "offboard" an employee, simply add the date they left the company and we will automatically pro-rate the monthly charge. Remember, the first 5 members are free!